Who Am I

Hi! I'm Gleydson Soares, Brazilian, computer enthusiast, who loves security, foss, unix-like operating systems.

I absolutely believe in the UNIX philosophy, the KISS principle. I think, whatever is done it should be done avoiding complexity and with security in mind, by design.

I'm very thorough about computers, operating systems, programming, everything has been permeated by paranoid security thoughts.

In mid-2003, I found the OpenBSD project, a FREE, multi-platform 4.4BSD-based UNIX-like operating system. It is widely regarded as the most secure operating system available anywhere, it focuses mainly and strongly on security.

I have been using OpenBSD since then and in 2011, I was invited to become a committer getting a developer account (gsoares@):

Although most of the time I just break the code and then I fix it :-)

Areas of Interest:


Currently, I'm working remotely for a computer security company with HQ in
Palo Alto, California, USA.


The best way to contact me is by dropping a mail to:

PGP/Fingerprint: 68D0 D9A8 8380 F966 D606 2428 79B2 C3DB 81E6 98DA
[ pubkey.asc ]


OpenBSD hackathons


"I'm not slacking off, my code is compiling..."